How fast can electric pressure cooker cook food

While we have heard all of the amazing stories about electric pressure cookers, there is one question that everyone wants to know. How fast does an electric pressure cooker work when preparing your meals? You can also click here to find out.

Generally, the higher the pressure of the pressure cooker, the faster the cooking time. There are a few electric pressure cookers on the market today, where the manufacture states that it can cook up to 70% faster. The electric pressure cooker works by a steam buildup process. An electric pressure cooker is a sealed pot with a lot of built up steam. This helps to cook the food faster, while maintaining the natural nutrients inside of the food. This unique steam process formula allows for better food quality and faster cooking times. According to some experts, it is safe to say when turned on high, the electric pressure cooker can cook up to 15 pounds of food per square inch.

Here are some cooking times for common meats and vegetables. For beef the cooking times are usually between ten to fifteen minutes. Other specialty meals like steak would take between twenty to twenty five minutes and oxtails between forty to forty-five minutes. For some of the chicken meals it would take about eight to ten minutes for cooking and between twelve to twenty-five minutes for cooking a whole chicken depending upon the size. A whole duck can be cooked within twenty-five to thirty minutes and a pork roast between forty and forty-five minutes. For vegetables, many can be cooked within 1 to 4 minutes, with whole potatoes having a cook time of ten to twelve minutes. Large whole artichokes without the leaves have a cooking time of nine to eleven minutes.

These are just some of the cooking times for well known foods. Just imagine a shorter time with cooking your family’s meals. It would give you more quality time to spend with them.

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